Thomas Flint specializes in developing original stories and content for publication, and editing and assisting others to bring their work to the widest audience possible. To these ends, we offer the following services.



If you want help with anything from getting motivated to simply sitting down to write to understanding the publishing process for books or magazine articles, we can help. We identify individualized and meaningful goals, and support you as you progress towards your desired outcomes—which we help you achieve.



From a quick read to a total substantive overhaul, we provide a full suite of a la carte editorial services to help you move a project forward. With over thirty years of combined experience wielding red pens and pencils, there are few problems we haven't solved before.



We've reported on everything from rare bourbon collecting to climbing mountains in East Africa and our work has been printed or is forthcoming in publications including Departures, the Wall Street Journal, and National Geographic. If you need help reporting a story, please reach out.