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Mount Kilimanjaro under the Big Dipper, photo credit to Taylor Glenn

Mount Kilimanjaro under the Big Dipper, photo credit to Taylor Glenn

Seven Summits Africa

In November and December of 2017, Jessica and Patrick travelled with a team of climbers, documentarians, correspondents, journalists, and tourism officials from five countries to accomplish a world-first: Summiting the seven tallest mountains in Africa in seven weeks. To learn more about why went, and what happened check out the blog.



Transformation By Uphill Athlete

After committing to the Seven Summits adventure, both Patrick and Jessica realized they might want to train a bit to get ready. After Jess grabbed a copy of Training for the New Alpinism, an incredible book by Scott Johnston and Steve House (published by Patagonia Books), Patrick immediately geeked out over the fascinating scientific background the authors provide regarding how poorly most Americans' approach to working out actually is. After getting fed up by Patrick's constant recitation of quotes from the book, Jessica simply called the authors to ask if they would train the two writers to be the fiercest mountaineers they could be. Scott agreed to take them on as the first of his amateur athletes. They are now working on (and working out) a story about the radical transformation their minds and bodies experienced during the training process as guided by Scott's coaching company, Uphill Athlete