A coaching engagement starts by assessing where you are in terms of skillset and mindset. Then we look at where you want to be: The skills you want to gain, the behaviors you want to change, the results that you aspire towards. The gap between the former and the latter will be articulated in a goal setting session that serves as the backbone of your journey.

Once goals are established, we will create a supportive strategy with action steps that provides you with the momentum to move them forward, and measure progress with a personalized plan. We will gently challenge you throughout the coaching engagement, while being by your side every step of the way.

Our coaching—which is self-directed and informed by systems science, psychology, neuroscience, and change principles—is solution-focused. We help you think from a new perspective by providing them with clarity and powerful new insights.

Getting started

We begin with a free, thirty minute call. This is where we learn about your challenges, and whether the right conditions for coaching exist. (Coaching isn't right for everyone and we don't want to waste your time or money, or ours!) If we agree that we can help you, then we will explore your challenges and the parameters needed for our engagement and relationship to develop. These parameters include a definition of our services, setting reasonable expectations, an explanation of how confidentiality works, and logistics such as frequency and duration of coaching sessions. Most importantly, we will discuss the goals that the client is interested in achieving. These will serve as the backbone for the engagement and will be the focus of the first session. After a successful call, we will share a written agreement between the coach and client to established the coaching relationship. 


A standard engagement consists of ten sessions: One planning session, eight coaching sessions, and a completion session. Each lasts for an hour.

In planning we articulate goals, uncover challenges, and design strategic action. Taking what we learned in our first call, we conduct a full debriefing on your challenges and turn the goal we've discussed into a plan that outlines the steps necessary to reach it. We set up specific, measurable, achievable yet aggressive, agreed to (meaning the goal is fully owned by the client and he or she has a strong motivation), realistic, relevant, and time-bound steps. We also define success measurements whether in terms of time, money, quality, and/or quantity. (1 hour)

During coaching, we use conversation to reflect on progress or challenges, establish plans to overcome resistance, and generally assess the your status in regards to your plan. These conversations follow a structure to prepare you for what to expect and to facilitate effective coaching on our part. (8 hours, negotiable)

The completion phase is an opportunity to both debrief and level-set for what comes next. We'll help you look back at where we started and measure progress. We will also work together to set a new intention for the future. We will evaluate effectiveness, acknowledge insights, assess completion, and, where applicable, discuss re-contracting for continued coaching and preparing for "what's next."

Each session costs to $200, with a standard full engagement costing $2,000. Payment of half the contracted amount is due prior to beginning sessions, with the remainder billed after five sessions are complete.